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    Start with Lights, Camera, Action!

    You have the skills and the knowledge, but you don’t have the equipment—it’s time to consider audiovisual equipment rental! These companies can provide the equipment you need for any type of event—live, hybrid, or virtual—and tailor their offerings to your specific event needs. This can be a cost-saving option for events that occur too infrequently to warrant the purchase of expensive equipment, allowing your team to manage the actual setup and use.

    Understand the Options

    From live streams and podcasts to conferences and product launches, every event has a unique set of audiovisual needs. Our directory has a variety of audiovisual equipment rental services listed, allowing you to find a provider who has the equipment you need, when you need it. AV equipment rental services can also claim their listing, allowing them to show you the equipment they have available.

    Start a Conversation

    When selecting an audio and visual equipment rental provider, it’s important to consider your basic needs and the event you’re hosting. Do they have the equipment you need? Do they provide any specific training on their equipment? How will the equipment arrive—do you need to arrange pickup, or do they deliver? How far in advance do you need to book their services? What are their rates? Do they offer technical support in the event of faulty equipment? These questions will help you choose the best rental service available for your event.

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