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    Start with Color

    Draw your attendees together by holding a group painting class! Corporate painting events serve as an amazing and unique venue to develop social bonds that are critical for a smooth-running workplace. Even avowed non-artists can find themselves creating masterpieces with the assistance of skilled art instructors.

    Unlocking the creative side of your team has a range of attractive benefits. It can lead to more innovative thinking, new and ingenious solutions to old issues, and it can simply add a bit of color to the workplace. Live painting for events encourages team members to view art as a process that is accessible to everyone, enabling even the most austere thinkers to look at the world in a new way.

    Understand the Options

    Painting classes are perfect for any type of event—live, hybrid, or virtual. Our directory includes a gallery of corporate painting classes, allowing you to peruse the listings and choose the subject that suits your team best. Paint instructors for events can also claim their listings to better illustrate the paintings available for lessons.

    Start a Conversation

    After finding the right virtual painting class, there are a few questions that are good to ask. How will attendees get their art supplies? What subjects are available? What are the associated costs? When are they available, and how much lead time do they need? By asking questions, you can be sure to make the most of your corporate painting event.

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