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Get found by prospective customers with a custom listing for your business that you control.

When new leads review your profile, they can contact you directly through your business profile. Whether they have questions, want to see your portfolio or request a proposal, they will have direct access to contact you. 

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Event planners are looking for your services! Whether you provide services for virtual events, live events or hybrid events, planners can view your business listing to see your services, your clients and the types of events you support.

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There is nothing that promotes your brand more than ratings and reviews from previous customers. Requesting reviews and ratings is easy… just send your clients your profile link and they can quickly and easily leave you a star rating and review.

As prospective customers read your rave reviews, they will know your business is one they can trust with their special event.​

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Whether you are a venue looking for an a/v production company or a DJ looking for a hotel to partner with, YourEventMarketplace provides access to the events industry community.​

The community is filled with talented professionals with whom you can partner, connect and build relationships. Continue to build your business through partners in the community!​

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