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Do you want to to make your next virtual or in-person live event more engaging, more memorable, and more fun? Let us provide live, hand-drawn, digital visual storytelling that will amaze and delight your attendees and speakers alike.

Unlike traditional graphic recording, we provide:

  • Uniquely insightful, charming and human sketches from a New Yorker cartoonist and award-winning branding professional
  • 100% digital image generation for fast and easy sharing
  • Animated "bottom line" videos that recap an hour-long keynote in 2 minutes or less
  • Ideas for repurposing the images after the event for maximum marketing impact, recall and ROI

We also deliver the popular highly interactive workshop: "Drawing Out Your Genius: Visual Thinking to Boost Your Communication, Collaboration, Creative Thinking & Culture" which has been delivered to standing-room-only audiences at Adobe 99U, BackEnd of Innovation, Innovation Leader's Impact Conference, Merck, Bayer, ATD, PMI Professional Development Week and more. This talk can be delivered as an 60 minute or 90 minute breakout, or a half -day, full-day or weekend workshop, where participants will:

  • Learn how to draw simple, clear stories and napkin sketches, even if they think they "can't draw"
  • Have fun and bond as a team while learning an incredibly useful skill that can be applied to note-taking, problem-solving, and presentations
  • Come away with a newly unlocked visual vocabulary able to convey a wide range of information, ideas, and common situations
  • Learn to use powerful metaphors to visualize problems, processes and opportunities faster and more clearly than ever before
  • Massively boost their confidence in Design Sprints, brainstorming, and whiteboarding sessions that call on concept sketching
  • Access a new skill that will enable them to lead teams and meetings with more authority and engagement

For multi-speaker conferences, event planners often hire us to both lead a workshop and visually capture the talks of other speakers!

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