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Engamio is a Toronto-based event tech platform offering a range of gamified engagement & sponsorship solutions for virtual, hybrid, and in-person events. Our solutions can not only meaningfully engage up to 90% of the audience, but also could drive measurable value for sponsors and exhibitors (click-through rate of up to 30%).

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The core idea is to use gamification as a means to engaging the audience and conveying relevant information in an interactive and fun way.

We offer:

  • Interactive world map, where participants could drop pins and see the pins of other attendees in a live mode
  • Jigsaw puzzle contest, a competitive activity with a leaderboard, where we can turn any picture into a jigsaw puzzle and the participant would need to assemble it as fast as they can
  • Wordsearch puzzle contest, a competitive activity with a leaderboard, where certain words could be hidden on a board with letters, so the participants could try to find them and do it as fast as they can
  • Virtual Selfie booth with 4 different layouts: solo selfie of the attendee, attendee + 1 speaker, attendee + 2 speakers, attendee + banner;

All our solutions can be customized with branding, pictures, text, and call-to-action buttons with embedded links. After every interaction, we will provide you with an advanced analytics report with different engagement metrics.

If you have any events in your pipeline, we will be happy to set up a demo and offer our brainpower. We can design and create an exceptional and engaging experience for your audience, sponsors, and exhibitors.


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