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Brian Drury is an engaging speaker who uses the power of storytelling to create deep emotional shifts in the audience, while also giving them effective tools to make positive change.  

He has presented for corporations, private companies, universities, schools and individuals around the world.  

•Viral Professional Speaker (20 million+ views on one speech)

•Trilingual Presenter (English, Spanish, Portuguese)

•Named one of Goalcast’s Most Inspiring Speakers

•Best-Selling Author / Podcaster / Content Creator



Brian has also trained individuals and organizations around the world in his coaching, workshops, and training events.  

With over 9 years of experience in speaking, presenting, hosting, and facilitating events; he combines lessons in psychology, human behavior, and storytelling to create deeply engaging trainings that are easily actionable.  

•Coach and Trainer to CEO’s, C-Suite Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Professional Speakers around the world

•Previous Clients: Fortune 300 Companies, Personal Development Companies, Universities, Non-Profits, Political Fundraisers, and more!

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