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Mar 30
Supplier Showcase Series with Lauren Davis of Billy Bob’s Texas

If you are looking for a unique event venue in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, consider Billy Bob’s Texas! Not only are they the largest honky tonk in the world, but they also rent out their space for events. Join me as I discuss Billy Bob’s Texas’ unique history and unique venue solutions with Lauren Davis. […]

Feb 28
Supplier Showcase Series: Connie Cay-Santos with Engamio

One of the hottest topics in events is how to engage your audience. Join me as I chat with Connie Cay-Santos, of Engamio about their event engagement solutions. Connect with Connie and learn more about Engamio on their YourEventMarketplace listing. Video Transcript Lisa Schulteis (00:09): Hi everybody. It is Lisa Schulteis with YourEventMarketplace and I […]

Feb 04
How to Leverage Virtual Team Building Retreats for Employee Retention

Team Building events continue to be part of the employee retention playbook for companies of all sizes and in 2022, producing team building events means considering how the consistency of these events will help retain – and attract – talent to your company.  The Great Resignation is a concern for companies of all sizes, in […]

Feb 01
Three Trends for Corporate Events Professionals to Consider in 2022

YourEventMarketplace is designed to help event professionals and specialists (like you!) connect with new partners and discover new resources to navigate the new “normal” in the world of corporate events. Producing an event – especially through a Virtual Event Platform – often means changing the plan at the last minute or while the production is […]

Nov 17
How to Improve Audience Engagement During Virtual Events

Engaging virtual events are a keystone to modern business. As more and more business is conducted remotely via virtual or hybrid events, engaging your remote audience plays a vital role in increasing your reach, brand recognition, and, indirectly, your bottom line. One important step to encourage audience engagement is to determine what your event goals […]

Oct 25
How to Host Your Virtual Event

Learning how to host a virtual event is a skill that will help you create lasting impressions on your most important audiences — now and for years to come. Over the last year and a half, virtual events have taken the world by storm. This trend is not likely to change, even as we return […]

Oct 22
Tips to Creating the Best Virtual Team Building Event

The remote workplace is a necessary reality. Companies have been moving towards remote employment for a decade or longer, but the events of 2020 and 2021 have home offices around the world buzzing with activity. This model has worked well for maintaining productivity in the face of the pandemic, as employees remain safely distanced while […]

Oct 21
How Virtual Events are Changing Remote Work

Virtual events have entered a golden age, as companies move to virtual solutions covering business needs for safety and convenience. The benefits of hosting virtual events mean that they will continue to be valid and popular options. Both internal and external business needs can be met through hosting virtual events, and Your Event Marketplace can […]

Oct 18
Getting Started with Hybrid Events

What Is A Hybrid Event? A hybrid event is a blend of a traditional in-person function and a virtual event. Technology connects not only remote attendees but also allows those physically present to interact with data, presentations and virtual attendees. They create spaces for networking and personal connection for both audiences while allowing presenters to […]

Oct 15
Getting Started with Virtual Events

What is a Virtual Event? Simply put, virtual events are gatherings that occur online. As varied as the traditional events they supplement, these events bring people together to achieve a purpose, be it a celebration, networking, or business — anything that builds interpersonal connections. From parties, concerts, and live streams to corporate events and webinars, […]