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Kristen practices evidential mediumship, meaning that much of the information she reveals can be confirmed and verified by you. The beauty of evidential mediumship is that it both assists in recognizing a Spirit who has come through, and also becomes a kind of Spiritual "proof" that helps you to truly accept the integrity of the reading. As an evidential medium, Kristen's goal is to help you find peace with the knowledge that your loved ones are with you, flourishing and thriving in their new form.

Kristen shines a light on the internal struggles that are creating a bottleneck in your life. Her intuitive readings accompany her messages from Spirit, and play a role in delivering those messages as clearly as possible. Kristen has a deep seated ability to delve into the heart of things, and to interpret what she sees compassionately and effectively. She shows a way forward when the path seems rocky and difficult to traverse, and helps to integrate the shadow self with joy, wonder, and ease.

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